The Wisteria Group assists clients to empower women internationally and within their own organization.  At the international level, we work with our clients to obtain funding for projects that allow women to seize economic opportunities and emerge as social and economic actors.  2Within a client organization, The Wisteria Group offers mentoring and training to expand women’s leadership role.  Recent activities in this area include mentoring international women entrepreneurs, speaking engagements at universities and international companies, and participation in a “Lean In” panel on the future of women in leadership at The Eisenhower Institute.

Illustrative activities:

  • Crafting strategic partnerships to achieve international gender equality and women’s empowerment goals
  • Advising organizations to chart a course that empowers women and supports family-friendly work environments
  • Mentoring of staff working in international and multi-cultural environments
  • Speaking to public audiences
  • Leading small, in-house conversations to help organizations identify solutions to women in the workforce challenges