The Wisteria Group provides advisory services to expand the international presence and effectiveness of our business and not-for-profit clients, with a particular focus on Asia.

Whether your aim is to foster the global public good, empower women, assure regional security, or support the arts, the Wisteria Group will work with you to identify your organization’s unique needs, shape your strategy, and achieve your goal.  Through our expert advice, capacity for research and analysis, international experience and global network, we will connect you to new stakeholders, new sources of funding, and new partners.  By helping you reach outside of your known network and tap into new systems and networks, we will position your organization for success in the global environment.

Our activities include:

  • Identifying and creating new strategic partnerships
  • Boosting women’s economic empowerment and leadership
  • Enhancing international civilian-military planning and cooperation
  • Expanding cross-border cultural connectivity